How to Keep Your Pet Healthy & Strong

Your pet is your best friend, so it makes sense that you want to make sure they are healthy and happy. No matter what kind of animal you own – a dog, cat, guinea pig, ferret, etc. – there are a few ways to keep them at their healthiest and avoid health issues and problems down the road. However, not every problem can be avoided, so make sure that you visit an Emergency veterinarian Palm Harbor FL office if you notice sudden changes in your pet’s diet or activity.

Dental Hygiene

Maintaining your pet’s teeth is often not the first thought of pet owners, but this can go a long way in maintaining your pet’s health. Teeth should be brushed at least once a week, using gentle motions and a toothpaste that is specific to your pet. Some pets may use chew toys to keep their teeth healthy, such as rabbits.

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Annual Vet Exams

Just like humans, your pet needs regular visits to the doctor to make sure they are in the best health. Make sure to visit your vet at least once a year to keep your pet updated on its shots as well as any other services they may need. Tests are performed as well, such as a full blood panel and a fecal test, to look for problems that may not be readily seen on the surface.


Your pet should be fed a diet that is specific to their needs and vitamin requirements. It’s important that you do not feed your pet food that was meant for other animals, as this could cause digestive issues along with other problems that impact your pet’s health.

These are just 3 very important ways you can keep your pet healthy and strong, maintaining their health and happiness.