What To Expect at the Veterinarian

Taking care of your pet means regularly visiting the office of your local vet. These professionals know how to give your pet a thorough examination and find any problems they may have during routine checkups and during emergencies. With proper preparation, you can help your veterinarian st. paul mn expert do an even better job of taking care of your pet.

Before Your Appointment

Once you’ve scheduled an appointment with a vet, it’s important that you gather some crucial information about your animal friend. This is especially true when it’s your first time taking them in for an examination. Some of the information you should be prepared to share includes:

·    Any medications your pet is taking

·    The food your pet eats

·    Eating habits

·    Toilet habits

·    Drinking habits

·    Recent insect or tick bites

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·    Recent travel

·    Past and current medical records

The veterinarian may also need to collect a stool sample, so it is important to speak with the vet and make sure you prepare as much as possible. You should also notify the office if your pet does not do well around other pets, as they may provide accommodations or allow you to wait elsewhere and be notified when it is time for your appointment.

During the Appointment

While visiting the vet may not be a big deal to humans, it can put a lot of stress on your pet. To keep your pal comfortable and calm while the vet is conducting tests, bring along some toys and even a blanket. While some tests may require fasting, you can usually bring along treats to feed your friend.

Going to the vet is essential for the health of your pet, so make sure that you are prepared and have everything you need to help the animal professionals care for your beloved friend.